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Iowa Farmer Today visits Garst Farmhouse

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Iowa Farmer Today visited Whiterock Conservancy to feature the Roswell and Elizabeth Garst Homestead Historic District in  a series about farms throughout the Midwest known for famous residents, innovations, renowned products and historic events. Read the whole article, entitled "Garst legacy included Soviet visit, seed sales innovations" today.

Archeology Road Show February 25

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Have an interesting archeological find you want to learn more about? Then join us on February 25th at Whiterock Conservancy and learn from the experts how old your artifact is, where it came from, how it functioned, and what the people that used it were like. Experts Joe Artz and Charie Haury-Artz  will be reviewing [...]

Interns find education and experience at Whiterock

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Each year, Whiterock Conservancy hosts a number of interns with backgrounds ranging from biology to business. As a staff we believe in helping future generations become the leaders of tomorrow. Our most recent intern, Jasmin, who worked over her January term reflects on here time at Whiterock: "I would like to thank the entire staff [...]