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STRIPS – Mixing Native Vegetation and Corn

Conventional agriculture in Iowa is extremely productive but lacks habitat for pollinators. Pollinators are generally viewed as unimportant within the agricultural landscape but can increase yields. Iowa State University researchers keyed in on prairie strips as a unique conservation practices to provide pollinator habitat, nesting bird habitat, and increase water and nutrient retention on-field. Researchers [...]


Management Intensive Grazing

Cattle once grazed the entire Whiterock Valley and continue to be an important part of the working landscape at Whiterock Conservancy. Most acres that could be converted to improved pasture were seeded to smooth brome grass by the 1970s and grazed by the Garst Company cattle operations until 2003. The valley was rotationally grazed for [...]


Grazing Research Projects

Can grazing and conservation land management be mutually beneficial? Yes, grazing and land management can be employed to create successful land use management plans that incorporate both conservation and grazing goals. What was done and why? Grazing cattle on reconstructed prairies is a solution proposed by land managers and grazers in Iowa to the problem [...]