Reflections on the challenges of economic growth and environmental sustainability

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Estelle Usunier (NCCC) and Penny Perkins (Whiterock Conservancy) plant swamp white oaks to diversify ash forest. One of my favorite childhood books was published in 1971. It captures the challenges of economic growth and environmental sustainability. Forty-eight years later, here I sit asking myself "have we as a society made progress"? The book [...]

Bees and Burns

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This summer at Whiterock Conservancy I have been conducting a study on bee populations to assess effects of the timing of prescribed burns on the bee community. Bees are important pollinators for many flowering species in the prairies and savannas of the Middle Raccoon River Valley. This study will give us a greater understanding on [...]

Rotational and Flex Grazing field day planned for September 14

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Iowa Learning Farms, in partnership with Whiterock Conservancy, will host a rotational and flex grazing field day on Thursday, September 14th. The 4:00-6:00 p.m. field day will begin at the Oak Ridge Campground, rural Coon Rapids. The field day is free and open to the public and includes a complimentary meal. Speakers at the field [...]

Welcome AmeriCorps NCCC Team

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Whiterock Conservancy is excited to have an AmeriCorps NCCC (National Civilian  Community Corps) team is serving with us from May 23 through June 29.The team is performing native land restoration and infrastructure improvements. The NCCC team of eight from the North Central Region campus of Vinton, Iowa is assisting Whiterock Conservancy by conducting GPS scouting [...]

Songs of the Prairie

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The chirping melody of grassland birds across prairies and pastures tells me that spring is here. Hearing these small voices throughout the grasslands is refreshing as these birds would not greet me without prairie remnants and pasture offering zones of refuge. For me, these songs were absent while growing up. Even though my neighbors had [...]

Flashes of color in a sea of brown

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Spring was just around the corner this past Friday and then the storm clouds blew in and sent everyone searching for a roost. Staying home would have been warmer but the chance to scope out waterfowl heading through the region was too good an opportunity. Cool temperatures and a brisk wind made for perfect weather [...]