Trails are closed when temperatures are above freezing. Shotgun deer hunt will be this weekend. If ground is frozen between 12/6- 12/8 the only trails open will be upstream from the River House. All of Star Field is closed and trails downstream from River House 12/6- 12/8. River campground and Oakridge campground are open. Shower houses are closed for the season.

Timber Stand Improvement

We have been working to improve timber and savanna habitat on core areas with high restoration potential since 2006. Most restoration requires heavy brush management - that translates to a lot of chainsaw operation! However, after brush management and prescribed burns we remain vigilant to manage against thistles, honey suckle, and multiflora rose to prevent [...]


Saving Our Avian Resources (SOAR)

Saving our Avian Resources is dedicated to rescuing and reintroducing raptors and continues to increase available rehabilitation facilities in western Iowa. Whiterock has partnered with SOAR to place an osprey hack tower on the floodplain of the Middle Raccoon River. The tower was most recently used in spring 2015 to release barn owls. In addition, [...]