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Join Whiterock Conservancy on April 5th from 10am-1pm (1436 Highway 141, Coon Rapids, IA) to learn more about how cover crops can increase grain production as well as how to best use that biomass as an economic resource for your farm. Darwin Pierce, the Farm Manager for Whiterock Conservancy, will speak about why Whiterock has expanded the use of cover crops from 5 acres to more than 550 acres in 2015 – hint, the secret is not just soil health but also the economics. Meghan Filbert, the Livestock Coordinator for Practical Farmers of Iowa, and farmer Mark Schleisman will speak about how to most efficiently utilize cover crops for forage and the economic benefits of late- and early-season grazing. Lastly, Dave Schroeder, a local farmer in Coon Rapids, will speak about planter setting and chemical burndown to ensure a good cash crop stand RSVP for the meal to Rob Davis at (712-684-2697 ext. 114)