Each year, Whiterock Conservancy hosts a number of interns with backgrounds ranging from biology to business. As a staff we believe in helping future generations become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our most recent intern, Jasmin, who worked over her January term reflects on here time at Whiterock:

“I would like to thank the entire staff at Whiterock Conservancy and my professors from Buena Vista University for allowing me to make this internship achievable. I had the opportunity to apply course work knowledge to this hands on experience. Living in Perry, IA all my life, I have never had the chance to visit Whiterock Conservancy until now, but today I wish I would have done it sooner. As an intern at Whiterock, I had the chance to learn about it’s rich history and collect data for future business actions, as well as some Bald Eagle sightings.  I also, had the venture of hiking on the trails and learning about the savanna. From motivational talks to designing graphs, this opportunity has helped me realize what I want to accomplish in my career.  With hopes in getting a degree in Environmental Science and Business, I have found it possible to incorporate both aspects of my education into future endeavors.”

Thank you Jasmin for helping us complete our year end analysis and prepare for a successful 2017!