Project Description

Whiterock.Conservancy_Photo( Olsen, from Audobon, Iowa has three hives at the Garst Home Farm near the fishing ponds and recently added more hives deeper in the valley. Why does Whiterock have honey bees on the land? Honeybees are important pollinators of many flowering plants. They pollinate nearby crops; sometimes up to as far as four miles away from their hive. Whiterock.Conservancy_Photo( pollination is essential for good yields for some flowering crops, largely common fruit and vegetables. Current ISU research is looking into the benefit of pollinators on soybean crops and other research suggests pollinators also help more traditional row and forage crops. Also, with the colony collapse disorder and other problems, the number of active hives has generally decreased. Whiterock wants to help ourselves and our neighbors by allowing hives to be responsibly placed on the land to provide habitat to honeybees and ensure pollinators remain on the landscape.