Timber Stand Improvement

We have been working to improve timber and savanna habitat on core areas with high restoration potential since 2006. Most restoration requires heavy brush management – that translates to a lot of chainsaw operation! However, after brush management and prescribed burns we remain vigilant to manage against thistles, honey suckle, and multiflora rose to prevent […]

Prescribed Burns

Fire helps maintain healthy prairies and assists with our oak savannah restoration. Fire reduces thatch and helps control spread of weeds and undesirable woody vegetation while putting nutrients back into the soil. Even invasive red cedars can be destroyed when small (1-2 years old and less than 3 feet tall). Prescribed fire promotes the growth […]

Pond Restoration

At the Garst Home Farm we have cleaned out invasive carp, cleared brush along the hillside, and installed aerators to maintain the restocking completed in spring 2015! The Home Farm ponds were re-opened to the public Memorial Day weekend fishing derby that will become a mainstay in coming years. In total, Whiterock Conservancy has 12 […]

Saving Our Avian Resources (SOAR)

Saving our Avian Resources is dedicated to rescuing and reintroducing raptors and continues to increase available rehabilitation facilities in western Iowa. Whiterock has partnered with SOAR to place an osprey hack tower on the floodplain of the Middle Raccoon River. The tower was most recently used in spring 2015 to release barn owls. In addition, […]


Gary Olsen, from Audobon, Iowa has three hives at the Garst Home Farm near the fishing ponds and recently added more hives deeper in the valley. Why does Whiterock have honey bees on the land? Honeybees are important pollinators of many flowering plants. They pollinate nearby crops; sometimes up to as far as four miles […]