On Saturday, June 8, Whiterock Conservancy held its first ever Dog Pawty. Featuring a photo booth, talent show and prizes, there was something for every pup to enjoy at this event.

Margaux didn’t like to swim, but couldn’t shake a stick at the toys she found in Raccoon River

The Dog Pawty was held at the River Campground at Whiterock. This area features open space for the dogs to run around, and plenty of shade for their humans to escape the June heat. Of course, overheating is just as big of a problem for pooches as it is for people.

To help keep the pups nice and hydrated, Whiterock had water stations provided. But guests ended up finding their own way to cool down. The dogs that attended all found their way into the Middle Raccoon River. They chased toys into the water or just laid in the shallow areas. Though one attendee, Margaux (pictured right), didn’t particularly like to swim, she still found plenty to do in the river.

After the dogs finished playing in the water, it was time for the talent show. Darwin Pierce and Dobby showed off the trick they’ve been working on for a while now. The trick, named by Pierce, was called “adoration,” and involved lots of licking and tail wagging.

Margaux’s trick was very similar; she showed off her ability of “being everyone’s best friend.” She also displayed her talent called “find” where her humans, Charlie Nixon and Laura Lake, hid a treat while she was not looking. Of course, it didn’t take too long for Margaux to find it anyway.

But the trick that got the biggest round of applause was performed by Tucker. When his humans, Sandra and Dave Altman, said “roll over,” he dropped down and did a dog somersault, right on command. Dobby also rolled over, though he needed a little more help from his human.

Every single pooch was a winner and left with a prize: a bag of homemade dog treats. And while your dog may not be lucky enough to get a bag of homemade  treats when visiting Whiterock, all pups are always welcome to enjoy the trails, campgrounds and river with their humans.