Trails are closed when temperatures are above freezing. Shotgun deer hunt will be this weekend. If ground is frozen between 12/6- 12/8 the only trails open will be upstream from the River House. All of Star Field is closed and trails downstream from River House 12/6- 12/8. River campground and Oakridge campground are open. Shower houses are closed for the season.


Whiterock Conservancy has the darkest skies in Iowa, and the local community continually works to control light pollution to keep it that way. Find a quiet hill and look up for a great night sky, the myriad of stars never fail to please. Whether you have a telescope or not, the Milky Way can be seen most nights.

Each year the Ames Area Amateur Astronomers hold at Star Party at Whiterock, and the public is invited to join in the fun one night. After a short astronomy talk, astronomer participants in the star party welcome everyone to take a look through their various telescopes at all the dark Iowa skies have to offer. If the weather is clear, visitors will have the chance to see numerous different galaxies, nebulas and stars millions of light years away, as well as some of the planets in our cosmic back yard, the Solar System. All ages are welcome, and appropriate attire for the weather and a blanket are recommended. Check the calendar of events for this year’s public viewing event.

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