As you plan your next visits, a few notes about the facilities.

Bow hunting season is open until mid-January. Portions of Whiterock are leased to bow hunters and while most users will never cross paths with hunters, trail users are encouraged to wear orange.

Around October 16 – The solar showers at the River Campground and 805 cabin will be shut down for the winter. It has to be drained before the first freeze.

Around Oct. 25 – The shower houses at the Star Field and Oak Ridge Campgrounds will be closed for winter. The water hydrants will remain open throughout the winter and porta potties will be available.

November/December (sometime after the first freeze) We will be burning our savannas and timbers and the trails will close for a few days after each burn. Watch the scroll to find out the details.

December 2 and 3 is opening weekend for shotgun season for deer.
Star Field, Dipper Trails, Shooting Star, Pond Hopper, many of the equestrian trails and other trails will be closed for a hunt. (See map for details) Also, there will be increased hunting activity in other areas surrounding Whiterock so you will likely hear gun shots that weekend. Be sure to wear orange if you choose to visit December 2 and 3.